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Five Tips To Improve The Morning Routine With Your Children

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Blog by Rainbow Academy Learning and Child Care Centre

Running a Childcare through a pandemic can be challenging. When working with children, you cannot have them coordinate processes online. For the most part, they want to run around, play, and interact with one another, which is quite challenging considering the circumstances. Additionally, we could not get them to follow the rules and processes because social distancing for children was next to impossible and not to mention all the other rules.

We had to work on teaching them remotely, which also came with challenges. We were upsetting their social development, which caused many issues with how they could grow up. Now that schools and Childcare centers are opening up, we have many parents asking us how they should work on getting their children ready for a morning routine. Here are some of the most common tips that we gathered so we can assist them in getting through so that their children are ready in time.

Tip #1: Plan ahead
One of the easiest ways to ensure that the morning routines with your children are pleasant and efficient is to develop a simple but meaningful morning routine in advance. The night before, consider what are the goals of the morning routine and what you would like to accomplish. Once these goals are set, you are ready to develop a plan of action. If there are tasks that would take some time, you can have the kids work on them during the previous day to save time in the morning. When it comes to some processes, they might not have the attention span to see it through in the morning, so prepare for the same.

Tip #2: Create a visual schedule
Map out each step in the order you would like to complete it with your children. For example, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed, Eat Breakfast, Pack Lunch, Put on Shoes, and Travel to school. It is essential to plan your child’s routine in a pleasant and meaningful way. During this routine, it is important to encourage your child as they work through each step. When they are following a schedule, you increase their chances of getting through it. Additionally, use the same schedule regularly and don’t change it because that would create a habit that would be helpful to get through. Once it turns into a habit, there will be fewer tasks that are left behind.

Tip #3: Be prepared to adjust the schedule based on your child’s interests
When designing the morning routine, it is important to remain receptive to your child’s sensitivities throughout the morning. Be prepared to change the order of your schedule in a way that your child can stay calm, focused, and alert. You should modify the routine to the child’s unique abilities. It is important to remember that the schedule would only have hiccups when you are creating it and not throughout the process. As you keep implementing these changes, you should create a schedule that your kid would love getting through, which gets everything done faster.

Tip #4: Remain calm at all times
The morning can be a stressful time for both you and your children. Aim to make the transition between each stage of the routine as smooth as possible and avoid raising your voice or losing your patience. It is important to encourage independence in your children, but expectations should be realistic, especially in the beginning days/weeks of your morning routine. There would be days that you would lose your patience, but on other days, you should give them the room that they would need to get through the process. You want to be working with children so they are capable of creating their schedules moving forward, which would make the process easier.

Tip #5: Have fun
Enjoy these times together with your children. Before you know they will mature and develop morning routines of their own. You may look back at these moments and wonder where they went, so you want to make sure you cherish all the good times with your children.

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