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Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Many of a child's daily activities involve the use of fine motor skills like getting dressed, opening a lunchbox, and using a pencil. These skills, which involve coordinated efforts between their fingers, hands, and eyes, begin with grasping a rattle and the raking finger grasp as a baby and eventually evolve to more complex skills like using scissors, manipulating a computer mouse, and even playing a musical instrument. Learn why these skills are important and how to help your child build on these skills.

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Original Article Source Credits: Very Well Family, https://www.verywellfamily.com/

Article Written By: Ann Logsdon 

Original Article Posted on: 4th April 2021

Link to Original Article: https://www.verywellfamily.com/what-are-fine-motor-skills-2162037