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A Handbook About The Rainbow Academy Learning & Child Care Center

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If you and your spouse (or partner) both work to support your family, taking care of a baby or young children can be really tough. Leaving them with family may have crossed your mind, but this can’t be a long term solution. An alternative is to enroll your child in Childcare. Besides offering child care and supervision, Childcare centers also mold them into wholesome persons through socialization, education, and other activities.

At Rainbow Academy Learning & Child Care Center, we offer several Childcare programs that help young children develop and grow. Our programs emphasize on what relationships and environments support each child’s development, and we reflect and respond to actions that support children’s learning. For a deeper understanding of our programs, we’ve explained them below along with tips to get the most out of our services.

Our programs

1. Infant care
Our caregivers will expose the infants each day to a variety of creative sensory activities, including music, songs, and fingerplays, books, puppets, fine and gross motor activities, outdoor excursions as well as groups and individuals. Our program is directed towards creating a warm, loving family atmosphere in which self-esteem and social skills are emphasized.

2. Toddler play
Our toddler program is directed towards creating a warm, loving family atmosphere in which the children are given many choices, the freedom to move, the chance to try new things, and the power to obtain a response to their emotional and physical needs. Our long-term, loving caregivers look for and respond to each child’s signals and interactions while providing them with many opportunities to do things successfully.

3. Preschool learning
Preschool children are in the process of developing a positive view of their own actions, desires, and wishes. Our program focuses on all aspects of the children’s development. Weekly themes are planned on a group or individual interests and need level, and our professional RECEs set up a variety of learning centers on a daily basis. These activities include art, music, language, social, educational concepts of math and science, motor skills, and personal and general knowledge. Mastery of these skills takes place at the child’s own pace. Thus, making them feel competent while obtaining a unique place within society.

4. Before and after school program
Our before and after school program is an extension of home and school for kindergarten and school-age children. Our program establishes a friendly, family atmosphere of respect for self and others, respect for one’s own work and the work of others, and respect for materials and the environment. Our many learning centers of active play include art, block play, cooking, dramatic play, games, literature, music, movement, manipulative activities, puzzles, sand, water play, and science. Through these activities, the school-age program promotes exploration, creativity, and discovery.

5. Summer camp
The Rainbow Academy Summer Camp Program is designed for school-age children to have a fun time while forming friendships and memories of wherever they go and whatever they do. Each week there is an interactive theme in which the children obtain valuable knowledge about engaging in co-operative games, indulging in Nature Explorers, outdoor Adventures, Master Chefs, Lego Movie Makers, Oopy Goopy Scientist, Earth Invaders, and the Rainbow Talent Show.

With these themes, children visit many premises for excursions such as the Science Centre, The Teaching Gardens, the McMichael’s Art Gallery, Plant Paradise, Downey’s Farm, Sky Zone, Lego Land, etc. All of these experiences help children to learn to work in a group setting, understand the concept of fair play and support, and help one another to become successful.

How can you make the most of our programs?

a. Accept child care subsidy
Rainbow Academy works with Region of Peel to support families that need financial assistance. The child care subsidy reduces the amount of money you pay for Childcare for your children aged twelve and under. For more information, please visit the Region of Peel website https://www.peelregion.ca/childcare-subsidy/.

b. Get the nutrition and alternative meal plan
We treat your child as one of our own, so providing healthy food is essential for our services. We have a fully equipped kitchen to prepare fresh and nutritious hot meals for children. The meal includes breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. The menu is determined in consultation with Peel Public Health to ensure that it meets Canada’s Food Guide. If your child has specific dietary needs or food allergies, please indicate it on your registration form. The supervisor and the cook will discuss nutritional guidelines to develop an alternative meal plan to allow your child to eat healthily.

c. Accept our safe and professional transportation
We have a large school bus from the Parkview school bus company, who take responsibility to train bus drivers and buy liability for each passenger. Currently, we pick up and drop off children from James Bolton Public School, Holy Family Elementary School, Pope John Paul II Catholic Elementary School, Ellwood Elementary Public School, and St. Nicholas Elementary School. We can also drive to other schools that are within a ten-kilometer radius of our location.

For more information about our licensed Childcare in Bolton, ON, reach out to us at Rainbow Academy Learning & Child Care Center. We provide a great mix of fun, play, and education to toddlers and young children and are committed to their ongoing development. When you enlist your children at our Childcare, you can rest easy knowing that they are getting the very best early childhood education available in the area. They will also receive our undivided attention and you will be provided an update on their performance and progress. To learn more about our Childcare programs, please click here or get in touch with our team by clicking here.