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Blog by Rainbow Academy Learning and Child Care Centre

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way most people used to interact with all businesses around the world. To control the spread of the virus, countries are encouraging their people to stay at home as much as possible, while most firms are incentivizing their staff to work remotely. These changes were taking time to get used to, and overall productivity was a lot lower than pre-pandemic however, companies had to adapt to the new normal.

While most businesses started adapting to these new changes, some could not, depending on the type of business. Learning and childcare centres were an example of a job that could not function remotely.

Running a Childcare centre was not easy, and during the pandemic, revenue and the money coming in was low due to Government restrictions and fear from parents and guardians, which to some degree was well placed. We had to even keep our Childcare closed for four months, which were challenging times when it came to the finances, even considering that we were receiving support from the Government.

While the bulk of our work cannot be done remotely, there are specific parts of the job that we are open to handling online as it keeps all parties safe and susceptible to going through with the process. We use Zoom as our standard platform to host staff meetings and training sessions. Additionally, we communicate with parents and guardians through other platforms, like email, phone, photos, PowerPoint and videos. We also use Whatsapp to get in touch with a lot of our staff and parents. Other than the software we use to communicate with staff and parents, we have been using the Himama App to communicate with families for years. Staff can share daily activities with families through Himama, allowing parents to see only their child by accessing their account. We have been using this app for years, and it serves all our purposes, so we are in no hurry to switch to another. We meet parents virtually and also use PowerPoint and photos to communicate with them.

Fortunately, the Government started relaxing restrictions that they initially implemented and we officially reopened on the 6th of July. Overall, everything is not, work as usual as there are still some challenges we have to overcome. We have not aced the process of remotely communicating with parents and guardians. For instance, parents are not allowed to enter the centre to see what the Childcare looks like, and they couldn’t directly discuss or clarify any doubts they had about their child, with teachers. If at all, they would have to handle this remotely, which was a different and slightly challenging process.

Other than all the rules we are following, we are taking all measures that we are informed about. We are strict about having ten people, including children and teachers in each class. We allow one person in the office and one person in the kitchen.

Other changes that we have implemented are having assigned staff work on cleaning and disinfecting the entire centre, which includes the outdoor playground. They also disinfect the classroom when children are on the playground, and disinfect the playground when children get back to the classroom. Furthermore, this staff will spray common areas and high traffic places and surfaces frequently. To better prepare the centre and classrooms for all these changes, we changed the operating hours from 7 am to 6 pm.

We had a Zoom Graduation meeting for our previous pre-school batch of children and their families in June. We prepared photo slideshows, diploma and gift baskets, and pre-school staff delivered to each family.

If you are looking for one of the better Childcare centres to send your child to, you stumbled upon the perfect one, Rainbow Academy Learning and Child Care Center. We are a licenced Childcare in Bolton, ON and we have been following all the rules to keep all the children we work with, as safe as possible. Our programs include infant care, toddler play-time, pre-school learning programs, kindergarten club, before and after school programs. Additionally, we are focused on continuous improvement and giving children the best possible environment to learn and develop. If you want a better understanding of the programs that we provide, click here. If you would prefer getting in touch as you have some questions for us, or you are planning on enrolling your child, please click here.