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Jazz JW

Author: Rainbow Academy Learning And Child Care Centre |

When I was younger all my friends went to this Childcare and I, honestly, wish I had gone. It used to be an awful Childcare, but new owners bought the place out and after that it was nothing less than amazing. The only reason I didn't go is because there was no space for me and I was on the waiting list for what felt like forever. From what my friends would tell me everyday at school and as an older cousin now to children who go there I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

The owners are wonderful and have extensive experience with caring for children, the staff is attentive, and the cook (from what I hear) is amazing!

It once was a very awful place as the previous review explains. But after years of hard work these new owners have managed to put together a fun and safe learning centre for children of 0 months to 12 years old.

If you're thinking about enrolling your child here, I strongly recommend you go for it and do it now as maybe your child will be luckier than I and will get in and not just hear about the field trips and activities from friends at school, but experience it first hand.