We accept subsidy through the Region of Peel. Please visit the Region of Peel website to apply for subsidy. For more information http://peelregion.ca/children/apply-for-subsidy/

8. How does the waiting list work?

Author: Rainbow Academy Learning And Child Care Centre |

If you need space for your child/children now or later, please call (905)-857-3544 or email rainbowacademy@rogers.com. We will check the appropriate age group for you. If there is no available space, your child/children will get placed on the waiting list. When a spot opens, the supervisor will consult the waiting list for the next child in line to fill the vacancy of the age category needed. For instance, if a toddler moves up into the preschool room, a vacancy is created in the toddler room. We would consult the waiting list to see who is next.

That parent or guardian would receive the first right to fill the vacancy. If they choose to take up the spot, then the waiting list would decrease by a family. If that family declines the opportunity, they will get asked whether they want to continue to be on the waiting list or if they would like to get removed altogether.