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  • rainbowacademy@rogers.com
  • 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
  • 18 King St E, The Royal Courtyards

Our toddler program provides activities and materials that help children become more independent, build up their ideas of self-worth, and involve themselves in the interaction and the communication of small groups. Singing, dancing and reading activities are offered to our toddlers on a daily basis to prepare them for language development and fine motor skills (such as holding a pencil, doodling, sitting and listening during circle time, and much more) Our staff provide a wide diversity of songs/finger rhymes along with other language activities for listening and learning. Tricky and significant activities surrounding Drama and Art such as dressing, cooking and laying the table or working with different types of brushes, paper and glue, playing with items in the water/sand table and open-ended questions open the opportunities for children to learn the world around them and develop their fine motor and cognitive skills.

Our staff understand that toddlers learn through play and so the difficult notions such as shapes, numbers, alphabet, and colors are encouraged through the simplicity of play based learning through the presented activities.